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Need to hire a Drone Pilot?

Do it the EASY way!

Adding your DroneBid is super easy & done within a few minutes. At any time, you are in full control of the Bidding process: Edit, cancel or close your DroneBid at any time, 24/7. Above all, adding a DroneBid is 100% FREE! Professional, licensed Drone Pilots will find open DroneBids in their Area (or wherever they fancy) easily & quickly. No Commission fees for Drone Pilots.

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Need to hire a Drone Pilot?

Do it the SMART way!

DroneBids24 is an open bidding system – neutral, fair & independent, and as such the most clever and intelligent way to find a licensed Professional Drone Pilot in your Area! No need to do your own research to find a suitable and qualified Drone Pilot – DroneBids24 takes away most of the hassle and allows you to focus on other things on your agenda. Or just sit back and relax while you can be sure to get the best Offer for your required Aerial Work, Event or Project.

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Need to hire a Drone Pilot?

Do it the EFFICIENT way!

Why waste your time and energy to buy your own Drone System, get licensed, approved and insured with all the paperwork involved? Why research & contact various Drone Pilots by yourself to collect Offers for your upcoming Event or Project? All you need is this Aerial Shot of XYZ with as little effort and cost as possible? DroneBids24 is the way to go – you’ll save loads of time, money and energy!

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DroneBids24 – How it works…

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Our Goal: Make Drones work for you – without owning one by yourself! You need the help of a Drone for a Project, Event or just some Aerial Shots – but want to avoid all the hassle of buying and operating a Drone System? Above all, just the thought of all the paperwork required (licence, insurance, approval, etc.) gives you a headache? DroneBids24 has the solution for you – Simply add a “DroneBid” (a short briefing for professional Drone Pilots out there to let them know what they can do for you; done within minutes) then just sit back and let things happen! Once you have received a few Offers in your mailbox, just look through them and decide which one you’d like to go for. Adding a DroneBid is 100% FREE, without any commitment whatsoever on your side. You are in control of the process from the start to the end – edit, cancel or close your DroneBid whenever you like. The ONLY thing you will pay for is the amount you have agreed with your Drone Pilot following your acceptance of his/her Offer. Payment to the Drone Pilot will normally be required once he/she has delivered the required Aerial Work to you. Questions? We’ll turn them into answers asap!

Step 1

Add Your FREE DroneBid.

Let Drone Pilots in your Area know WHERE, WHEN and WHAT kind of Drone Service you need from them. Add some keywords or give a brief description of your Aerial Work requirements to receive the best possible Offers.

Adding a DroneBid is 100% FREE for you, without any commitment whatsoever. If you decide otherwise or want to close your DroneBid, you can do so at anytime.

Step 2

Choose the best Offer.

Interested and qualified Drone Pilots will send you their Offers for the required Aerial Work as described in your DroneBid.

If something is unclear to them or further details are needed, they will send you a message and ask for more information (you have the option to indicate a Project or Event website or a phone number if you feel this could be helpful)

Step 3

Let the Pro’s do their Job!

Once you have assigned the required Aerial Work to a Drone Pilot he/she will coordinate and communicate directly with you and organise everything necessary on his/her part (e.g. flight permits, special approvals)

After delivery of the required Aerial Work you pay the agreed amount of money to your Drone Pilot (however this may be subject to any special conditions you may have agreed beforehand)

DroneBids24 – Aerial Drone Services

Here’s an overview of available Drone Service Categories on DroneBids24.

The use of modern Drone technology has become the key to Success for thousands of Businesses worldwide. No matter if it’s a private Project or if you need a specific Drone Service for your Business – DroneBids24 is the best place to start off! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Let us know!

Need some Aerial Shots? Get a Drone Pilot!
Aerial Imaging, Video & Cinematography
Aerial Advertising, Drone Shows & Displays
Make Drones Work For You - Without Owning One By Yourself
Cartography & GIS
Documentation Services
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Environmental Protection
Green. Greener. Get a Drone Pilot.
Forest Management
Need better Inspections? Get a Drone Pilot!
Inspection & Monitoring Services
Logistics, Deliveries & Mobility
Let your Project or Event take off - Get a Drone Pilot!
Precision Agriculture & Farming
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SAR & Disaster Relief
Need a Drone Pilot? DroneBids24 is the place to go!
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